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About Us

In June 2008, we sold everything... our home and our belongings. The rest we gave away. With the exception of a few items we keep stored in a 5x10 storage locker in Colorado, the only other wordly possessions we own are aboard our sailboat. We have lived on a boat in Mexico since June 2008 preparing ourselves for the adventure of a lifetime. We have been officially "cruising" since Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2008. We began our cruising life aboard Windfall, our beautiful 35' Cal Cruising. Because our children outgrew the smaller boat, we sold our 35 footer and moved aboard a larger boat, our 41' Tartan TOCK Hotspur.

Captain JimCaptain Jim:  Former business owner of an internet service provider company for over a decade. He sold his business located in Montrose, CO in January 2008. In addition to "nerdy" work, he owned and maintained 8 acres in Cedaredge, CO: Jonagold, Fuji, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious apples - Bing and Rainer cherries - and a Pinot Gris wine grape vineyard. Letting go of everything, including the homestead in June 2008, allowed him to fulfill his dream of traveling on a sailboat.

First Mate MeriFirst-mate Meri: stay-at-home mom for over a decade; former convention sales and services manager for Hyatt and Hilton Hotels in San Antonio, TX. She home-schooled both kids for 2 years. She obtained her General License for HAM radio for the purpose having broader communications while at sea. She has a BA in Communications and has a MA in Theatre. Having vitiligo over 90% of her body has been a big challenge with the sunny sailing venture, but thanks to modern SPF clothing and excellent sunscreens she has been able to withstand. Handling the helm, speaking Spanish, and encountering new marine life has been her biggest thrills!

Swab TimSwab Tim: 13 years old and in 8th grade at the beginning of our cruise; currently 15 and in 10th grade. He has discovered his avid love for deep sea fishing since sailing on "Windfall". He has taken a very grown-up approach to sailing by jumping in with helping hands under most circumstances (the exception, but not exclusion, is washing dishes!). He has taken his turn at night watches, reefing the sails, handling the helm, trouble-shooting various problems, assisting with anchoring and chauffeuring his mother, sister and dog to shore in the trusted dinghy, "Wind-Small". Tim's daily studies aboard "Windfall" include: Algebra, Economics, History, Spanish, Reading and Writing. Other areas of interest include: Diesel engines, Solar Power, RC Cars, Fishing, and (of course) Sailing!

Swab CarolyneSwab Carolyne: 9 years old and in 3rd grade at the beginning of our cruise; currently 11 years old and in 5th grade. Though she is the youngest member on "Windfall", she takes her responsibilities seriously. She is the liaison for communications between the man on the bow and the woman at the helm. She has excelled in her school studies and is completing 5th and 6th grade assignments. She is an avid snorkeler and competent kayaker! She has a love for animals and a distinct interest in marine biology. She handles the VHF radio communications like a pro. Carolyne's daily studies include: Reading and Writing, Spanish, Math, Science, Social Studies, Geography, and History. Other areas of interest include: Swimming, Hiking, Astronomy, Spinnaker Sailing, and Meeting New People.

Bailey Off-DutyBailey-Dog: our 13 year old pound puppy. She is a German Shorthair mix, or so we have been told. She loves to go with the family anywhere they go... except in the water! She has been a joy to have along and she takes her job as guard dog very seriously. We feel comfortable leaving the boat with Bailey standing watch in the cockpit.

Bad Kitty doing what she does best!This is Bad-Kitty. She was a Mazatlan stray kitten that Carolyne helped feed and spay. We were convinced through cruiser 'pier' pressure that we needed this cat. We really don't; yet we have her aboard anyway. She is an avid complainer when her food bowl gets low and if we ever have mice aboard we're pretty sure she'd kill them. She sleeps a lot.