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Posted by meri on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 03:12

Custom Dinghy Chaps CoverI am happy to report that I have finished the dinghy chaps cover for our inflatable dinghy! It was pretty much a total nightmare. But it's done and our $2,000 dinghy will live a much longer life now that it's spared direct sunlight.

I am not the world's greatest seamstress... let's start with that. I also don't have the greatest "eye", especially when working without a pattern... a REAL pattern... not some clump of masking tape and newspaper... like I was using. Had I $350 to throw around, I would have paid a professional in La Paz or Mazatlan to sew my dinghy chaps... no problemo! However, since I talked my husband into staying 2 months in Marina Santa Rosalia instead of just 1, I didn't have $350. Not only that, I wanted a challenge. It was definitely a challenge!
I am happy to have had the experience. I am so grateful that Marina Santa Rosalia allowed me to monopolize their clubhouse space with my dinghy and sewing machine... for weeks! I would absolutely refuse to ever attempt this project ON the boat, although I've met sailing women who have done beautiful work... while their dinghy was in the water! A local man in Santa Rosalia did a cover for our friends Brian and Dody on 'Topaz' and charged them 900 pesos for the labor ('Topaz' provided the sunbrella). In retrospect, I think 'Topaz' got a DEAL! If I had to do it again (say tomorrow) I'd pay 900 pesos, too! Keep in mind, however, 'Topaz' did have to do some modifications to their dinghy cover afterwards.
After completing the project, I am fulfilled... up to my eyeballs with dinghyness! It was a real pain! I hated it and am pretty sure it hated me. Getting the right fitting on a tubular, squashy, balloony thing caused me grief. Trying to make aesthetic stitches and not Frankenstein stitches caused me grief. Working with a large piece of stiff, asphalt-like material caused me grief. Would I do it again to save $350? Absolutely! Now I know what to do better next time. I know how to save myself tremendous craziness! Would I pay 900 pesos to have someone else do the construction? Hmmmmmm... still thinking...